Attention: This post is for educational purposes only. I highly advise you to respect Discord’s guidelines. Never share your token with anyone for any reason whatsoever. Do not run bots under a user account, bot accounts exist for a reason.

How it works

For quite a while Discord has added two measures to stop people from easily getting their Discord token, those are:

  1. Removing it from local storage as soon as the page is loaded
  2. Removing the localStorage window property

We use two tricks to circumvent these measures:

  1. Reloading the page, so that the token is still there
  2. Adding an iframe and using its localStorage (thanks Stackoverflow)


var i = document.createElement('iframe');


Drag this into your bookmark bar: Obtain Discord Token

In case you are using Chrome mobile, you can create a new bookmark for a page of your choice, open the bookmark list, tap on “edit” on the bookmark you just created and then insert javascript:(function()%7Blocation.reload()%3Bvar%20i%20%3D%20document.createElement('iframe')%3Bdocument.body.appendChild(i)%3Balert(i.contentWindow.localStorage.token)%7D)() as URL and insert a name you want.

In Edge you can right click the link and add it to your reading list.

Thanks to for the awesome bookmarklet generator.


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